Bringing ethics, transparency and trust to insurance sales through crypto-economics.

CLIENTS will not be pushed into policies they can't sustain paying. They will not be pushed to terminate the policies irrationally.

INSURERS will benefit from a higher quality portfolio with lower surrenders. But also better internal rate of return, new business value, lower cash needs and better Image of their external sales agents/brokers.

BROKERS, who serve their clients better will get higher commissions and better conditions.

The external sales* remuneration is the main source of conflict of interest with clients and insurers alike.

*Brokers, financial advisors, MLMs

Commissions are paid upfront while the policies are long term (ie 10Y)

Large outflow (even >100% of ann. premium)

Low recoverability of the commission, If policy lapses before maturity

Insurers try to pass their risks to clients (surrender fees)

Plain commission dilution unaccepted by agents.

Making the commission a smart contract between the distributor and the insurer.

Commission is diluted or paid at the end

Smart-contract based payout is triggered by conditions (proper policy fulfillment, another payment etc)

Commission value linked to policy performance and profits/value (premium payments, claims, surrenders)


Tokenizing the commission smart contract to enable its trading to access liquidity.

Simple and cheap securitization of policy contracts

Brokers receive policy tokens from their contracts

The commission payout is diluted, but brokers can sell their return-bearing tokens to receive an immediate payout

Decreased conflict of interest as brokers maximize the token value through reputation


Demo: setting the insurance policy as a smart contract.