Trustless marketing platform powered by smart contracts
Adahoy enables advertisers to easily create an affiliate network in a fast, transparent and reliable way. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, our solution also helps mitigate frauds and scams, which plague current online commerce. The system is designed for individuals and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) using e-commerce markets, such as OpenBazaar. Our platform is intended to allow easy governance and reporting of the contractual relationship between the advertiser, the affiliate/publisher, and their customers. Whenever a sale of a product or service takes place, the affiliate receives a pre-approved commission from the advertiser through a smart contract execution. Adahoy focuses on security and privacy even for the customers, and helps them stay in total control of their data before, during, and after the buying process.


The merchant defines a price to promote the sales of her products or services. Then generates a link to an item in her e-shop, and shares it with her affiliates. When an item is sold through the affiliate link, the conversion is stored on the blockchain, and the affiliate gets her commission. All the transactions can be accessed in real time to verify their validity, and a reporting tool provides further business intelligence.


The publisher receives a link from the advertiser with a proposed commission for a successful conversion. The affiliate can either accept, or ask a higher price. After acceptance, the contract is automatically hashed on the blockchain. When a customer uses the link to view and buy the item, the smart contract triggers, and the publisher receives the commission. Because we use cryptocurrencies, even small micropayments are sent.


The activity of a shopper, who uses an affiliate link to view/buy an item on an e-shop, or simply views and advertisement, is logged on the blockchain. Such a record is used for reporting and payments between the advertiser and an affiliate. However, the buyer can choose to disclose her data (or even a whole curated user profile) in change for a discount or additional services from the advertiser.


Step 1

Access trough affiliate

Click on the banner:

Here could be your ad!

10% commission will be paid out

Step 2

Making a purchase

Select items to determine the price:

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Total price:

Step 3

Commission settlement

Check this out:

Step Link to
Account balance before:
Account balance after:

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